What was I thinking?….or….how I fell in love again.

They say confession is good for the soul. I’m one of those married guys who still finds it hard to say no. Hey, when it’s love at first sight, what can you do? Just the other morning I woke up with a girl’s head on my pillow who was not my wife. Moments later, my wife caught me being kissed by that same girl. Well, it’s out in the open now so you might as well know.

I’m a push-over for dogs.

I’ve always been a dog lover and have had dogs from childhood on. Their unconditional love and happy, carefree demeanor is something to which I’ve always aspired. And since I don’t always succeed on my own, the next best thing is to have it around me. These two, named Sadie and Bella, are the current version of canines who are satisfying my need to be loved.


My understanding wife, who sometimes gets short shrift because of my attention to the dogs, is good-natured enough to be able to laugh about it. She kindly reminded me of this the other day when she said; “you realize you kiss the dogs before me when you return home don’t you?”

Anyway, the latest chapter of my preposterous short-coming is unfolding as I write this. Our youngest granddaughter wanted to adopt a puppy a several weeks ago. Knowing they had a trip to California for a wedding coming up, and knowing what a soft touch her dad was, my daughter gently suggested that they didn’t have anyone they trusted to leave the puppy with if they got it before the trip. My granddaughter was crest-fallen. I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining how that turned out.

So now that we have three dogs, including one that isn’t house-trained, chaos reigns on a daily basis around here. His attack and retreat tactics with the other dogs makes it sound more like a kennel.  Between avoiding land mines and miniature lakes scattered around the house and keeping Winston, as he is known, from totally renovating the place, there are quite a few Prozac moments at the Hood domicile. In fact, my wife has given Winston an Indian name – “Many Pee Poos.”

But I appeal to your sense of sympathy and support; could you have said no to this?


In this short time, Winston and I have bonded. He’s always at my feet and goes with me to whatever room I need to be in. And yes, that includes the bathroom. He gazes intently into my eyes, as if to say “I love you, please play with me.” He prevails.

In a few days, when they return from their trip, I’ll be taking Winston back to his owners. The house will get back to normal and the usage of paper towels and tissues will go back to their previous levels. It will be a no-stress zone again.

But I’ll cry.