OK, WordPress, this is just plain cruel…….

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m paranoid. Maybe, my obsession with the comment indicator is way too out-of-bounds. But I don’t think so.

For the last several days, the square on the WP activity bar that lights up orange when someone comments about a post or replies to one of my comments, is staying lit. That is, once I check the comments and click it off, it lights up again the next time I open WP, regardless of whether there is a new comment or not. Or, even worse, it lights up again any time I move from page to page. But it’s the same old comments….nothing new. Once in a while, due to the proverbial law of averages, there will be a new comment, but I have to sort all that out myself.

Most of you already know that I have no life beyond WordPress. I believe I made that abundantly clear to WP in this post: “The Bubble Glow Dream.” Well, just because it’s a square now and not a bubble hasn’t changed a thing. I think the sadist WP techs get some perverse thrill out of getting me all worked up just to dash my hopes to smithereens. If they had been born in an earlier age, they might have made big names for themselves in the Third Reich.

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The latest instrument of torture from WordPress

Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t really have delusions of persecution normally (even though I know for a fact that the whole world is out to get me), but is this only happening to me? I need your input. If it is more widespread than I suspect, maybe we could petition the head WordPress IT guy to have a little meeting with us. I picture that meeting going something like this:

“You now have eight followers!”

75 thoughts on “OK, WordPress, this is just plain cruel…….

    1. Your certificate for “Commentor of the Year” is in the mail. Unfortunately. due to budget constraints, the monetary prize of $10,000.00 has been suspended this year.

            1. OK. I’m really starting to feel cheap and dirty, building up my stats like this. Now I’m going to have to go to TWO meetings of the Orange Bubble Anonymous support group today.

    1. Hi Kristin. It still seems to come and go with my site. Mostly works now but always keeps me in suspense.

      I’m on my way over to comment so please don’t give up hope.

    2. Since I sent that first reply, it’s now totally on the fritz again. Would you like to volunteer to be the ninth member of the firing squad?

  1. This morning I saw a new section on my stat page which provides an up-to-the-minute tally of how many times Al checks his notifications. It’s turning over faster than world population 🙂

    1. Brilliant 🙂 now he has 45 comments

      My orange bubble is now acting up… It’s staying grey rather than letting me knw. Have a comment? Maybe WordPress know I’m a friend of Big Al?

      PS those of you looking for his birthday…. Read on, it’s in one of his comments on this page……

      1. Grrr.. iPad autocorrect combined with tiredness is not a good combination! That sentence should have read …’rather than letting me know I have a comment’.

        Why was that so difficult ?

  2. So 35 comments isn’t enough for you? Even if more than half of them are from you…speaking of birthdays, isn’t yours just around the corner? We’re we supposed to celebrate? Can’t find anything on the calendar.

    1. You mean that Al’s birthday is such a big deal that it’s supposed to be on calendars, like that you might buy at Hallmark? Like Washington’s birthday? Will there be furniture sales across the breadth of this great land to mark the occasion?

      1. I’m too modest to say it’s a big deal but Hallmark has already put a card on the racks for people to send:

        Al’s my pal, and I’m his gal
        He’s really good for my morale
        His posts are best, you’ll be impressed
        So follow him and stay abreast.

        If wit were money he’d be rich
        He’ll keep you tied up in a stitch
        So comment often on his blog
        He’s happiest when he’s agog.

        Get yours before they sell out.

        1. That’s so sweet! I’m heading over to Hallmark right away. I also wanted to give you a special present, so thanks for the insight on what makes you happiest. After Hallmark I’m going to the costume shop to look for a “gog” outfit.

  3. Al, Al, Al. Don’t you have a dog or two to walk? 😉 I’m just happy knowing that your little comment indicator is going to light up when I hit “post comment” and you’ll see it’s legit. Anything to make you smile, my friend!

    1. Yes. I do walk the dogs, but not without my smartphone at the ready (tuned into WP, of course) waiting for you to light my hot…er…uh…I mean my comment button.

  4. I also get this. Indeed as I write this from deep within a bunker in the middle of England that cheery ‘New Comment’ orange thing is beaming at me from the right hand of the menu bar. I’ve already clicked on it three times in different pages, but no new comments are in evidence. Is it trying to say I should reply to more comments, or that I’m not paying enough attention to the comments I recieve. No, hang on. Your getting the same problem and those two things certainly don’t apply to you.

    1. It’s a conspiracy, ducks. They’re trying to establish mind control over us. Joke’s on them though as I have no mind to control

      I would stock in ample provisions in the bunker if I were you since it might take me quite some time to sort this out.

    1. Seems to me that Peg-O Industries is overdue to develop a blog server. I know their CEO would never tolerate issues like this

        1. Good question. I decided I got sucked into way too many political discussions. It kind of took the fun out of it. You just can’t read fun posts without someone saying something to get my dander up.

          I guess I should have more self control. I may reactivate it and just check it occasionally. What do you think?

          1. When it comes to Facebook I utterly ignore any political discussions, I don’t think it is the right forum, and things can get messy…. It’s better kept as a place for lighthearted banter, emotional support for friends in need who tend to reach out in Facebook, and for sharing photos with friends and family abroad

            I always assume my future employer might (nowadays probably will) read it, so keep it as apolitical and clean as I can. I don’t allow others to automatically post on my timeline, and some posts I just don’t allow.

            Facebook is a huge thief of time at first, but it can become a good way of keeping in touch with friends and family all over he world….

            I just noticed cos I know your birthday is any day soon and I wanted to check the date and all of a sudden there was no Al to be found 😦

            1. You make some excellent points. It was never meant as a political forum but it quickly turned into that. I think part of my problem is that to keep the political comments away, I would have to defriend some folks that I really like otherwise. I give it some more thought. Anyway, my birthday is the 28th and thank you so much for thinking about me.

              1. Facebook all sounds very complicated for you! Maybe best stay with blogging 🙂

                One way I deal with topics I don’t want to discuss in public, is when people send me comments on my page, I reply to them in private messages, so I am not ignoring them, but also not being drawn int a public discussion

                Thanks for your birthday 🙂

  5. Cindy B

    my saturn is much worse. 2006 who wants to buy it….the check engine light was made to turn off after i paid somebody $250 then it went back on anyway two months later. three out of the four windows now do not open, (so it’s always a pleasure going through toll booths), the button doesn’t unlock the door or any others, the clock doesn’t work, and isn’t even right twice a year. i’m looking forward to the day when the remote thingy on my keychain stops locking and unlocking the doors and trunk. oh, and my acer computer here jumps from right to left. oh, and the downstairs toilet doesn’t fill so i have to turn it off, then back on. oh, i have to go, pizza is here.

    1. Maybe it’s time to try another vehicle named after a planet…..a Mercury maybe?

      Anyway, I’m glad you subscribe to my favorite axiom….”when all else fails, have a pizza!”

  6. Maybe the gurus at WP, think you have moved to my neck of the woods and become an Orange Mon! The Marching season begins any day now, so I’ll be able to provide you with a bowler hat, white gloves and a collarette other wise known as an Orange sash! Now you better book the singing lessons and learn ‘The Sash‘!  Now don’t worry, you neither need a voice or be able to march properly, Slouching is acceptable as in shouting out the words of the song.

    1. Like niece, like aunt, I always say. Every time you or Barbara post, I learn something new. That’s the great thing about WP (even with all the technical frustrations). I would love to march in that parade sometime. I can shout (off key, of course) with the best of them.

  7. misswhiplash

    that was so funny…i never really take any notice of orange squares or bubbles..didn’t even notice it had changed….But if you need backup to thwart the little devils..I’m your gal!

  8. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] That sounds like a serious glitch; fortunately for me, I am not experiencing that.

    I genuinely hope that the WordPress engineers rectify your problem soon!

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