The latest in nose rings……



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 

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Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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14 Responses to The latest in nose rings……

  1. pattisj says:

    Was she helping you decorate for Christmas?

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  3. Poor doggy. My dog Max once ate a rug, He started with the tassels and worked his way through. He lived to age 18 which goes to show, eating human belongings is good for dogs. Don’t know about duck tape, however, as he never tried that. Perhaps your dog should leave it to the humans? Dianne

  4. Barbara says:

    It should say ‘Dog tape’ really

  5. misswhiplash says:

    Oh Ducky, some people do get stuck up about the size of their nose ring… xxxxxx

  6. Such a cool nose ring 🙂 Very cute picture. Thank you for the entry 🙂

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