Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


Stopping by for a spot of tea.

(Thanks to Michelle)


23 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge

  1. Definitely not an English Squirrel! Our natives are red (though the grey ones have taken over)
    Why…. (And I guess this may sound like a silly question) …. Do you have a tea cup attached to your tree?

    1. Hi. Nice to hear from you. I had just asked Marie if you were still traveling and then I saw the picture you posted. Wow, do you guys look happy.

      Have missed your posts but glad you are having fun!

      And yes, we do have a teacup attached to our tree. America birds prefer tea to water for some crazy reason.

  2. WHen I think of having a pal over for a cup of tea, this isn’t usually when I have in mind… Great picture, Al!

    Sorry I can’t catch up on all of your posts–I’m just trying to make an effort to let you know I’m still alive, kicking, and thinking of you!

      1. Not yet, Al. Going into week 4 with no improvement and the only plan is to keep me on hydrocodone when I eat so the pain doesn’t cripple me. I’ve basically stopped eating (with no appetite, it’s not hard). I drink this green gunk from the co-op that’s supposed to have the nutrients to keep me alive. We’ll see. I have gallbladder surgery scheduled for 2/20, but the surgeon doesn’t really think it’s my gallbladder. Not a good situation… 😦

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