Thought for Thursday…..

“A penny saved is a penny earned belongs to the government.”


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Retired from a couple of professions, trying my hand at writing about the events in our lives.
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21 Responses to Thought for Thursday…..

  1. pattisj says:

    I wish this wasn’t so.

  2. Grannymar says:

    I hope you get to spend some of your hard earned pennies today celebrating your Wedding Anniversary. May your day be blessed with love and peace. If you have those things, nothing else really matters.

  3. Been working on your taxes lately? What fun!

  4. pegoleg says:

    A penny saved…will soon be a collectors item when they stop making them.

  5. Jane Thorne says:

    Your little rebel over here hears you…x

  6. At least they don’t spend all their money, or my money on cakes and sausages, and those lovely bacon rolls with a hint of brown sauce in them like what I do, or at least I hope they don’t.

  7. misswhiplash says:

    what to me is even the fact that state pension is taxed the same as earning when the tax has already been paid at the time it was earned before it was deducted as National Insurance which is supposed to provide the money to pay State pension. Seems to me that whichever way you go they get you…

    • Al says:

      If I’m not mistaken, here in the states the 14th amendment deals with “double taxation” but as our current President has shown, laws are only to be followed if you agree with them.Our estate tax is definitely double taxation. We are taxing the beneficiary of an estate on money that was taxed when the decedent earned it. I guess they get around that by saying “you” haven’t been taxed on it yet. Semantics.

  8. Katie says:

    If you follow the government rules you have to walk a crooked line because to deal with them they don’t do anything straight or that makes any sense. It’s a fucking shame I have to dispute my own innocence. I have to show proof on my tax return that I did no wrong and I was following their rules to the T or they will take ever penny I earned. That is what I call excessive . Taxing me before and after. Morons.

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